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Hair Milk

mantra hair milk that will help transform dry, damaged, over-processed hair to frizz free, detangler naturally beautiful curls. helps to hydrate, reduce breakage and will smooth messy and wavy curls giving your hair a soft and silky feel. You can use this hair milk every day for enviously lustrous and easily manageable curls. and This product can be used on keratin treated hair. This leave-in conditioning spray penetrates deep down to the follicle and provides a protective shield against heat damage and primes coils, curls and waves for a detangler, frizz-free finish. Ideal for all texture types.


It is a non-rinsing product that is responsible for regenerating and opening hair knots after shampooing and is easily absorbed by the hair structure after consumption.

This product is sprayed inside the hair after bathing and while hydrating and revitalizing the hair, it unties the hair knots and gives softness and softness to the hair.

Hair rinse without rinsing is a home-made product that is also used at home and there is no limit to its consumption and it can be used every day.

This product is also a shine and moisturizer.

Wet hair is very vulnerable after bathing. This product helps to comb the hair easily and prevents hair breakage due to combing and damage to the hair body.

Mantra Hair Milk

How to use



After bath, dry your hair with a towel to remove excess water up to 70%.



Spray some of this product lightly on the hair. As mentioned, this product does not require rinsing and is easily absorbed by the hair.

Safety Warning:

Use only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse immediately. Keep away from children